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Another World is Possible for Us All

Dear LINC Community, 

Literacy Inc. stands with the Black community and unequivocally denounces any form of violence against our communities of color. For too long our communities have endured violence. 

Our children live the trauma of these experiences. They witness our racial injustice. They feel it.  

No child should go to bed in fear. No mother should agonize over the safety of their children when they go outside.

These last months have been a relentless, pounding, rising tide in the long history of injustice suffered by our communities. Inequities in healthcare and living conditions mean our communities have suffered disproportional lives lost to COVID-19.  The ensuing economic fallout has hit communities of color worst of all, with unemployment most heavily striking industries with higher rates of Black and Latino workers.

We know that trauma affects children’s learning.

In this ecosystem, LINC finds hope in our mission of raising readers across New York City because books give knowledge. Knowledge is power. Reading equips our children to solve tomorrow’s challenges. Literacy levels are predictors of improved health, economic, and social outcomes.​  LINC is committed to closing the educational divide.

Another world is possible for us all. LINC is committed to help build that future.

Most of all, we are committed to providing present comfort to our children, with books and programs that continue through pandemic and unrest—and we are committed to giving them tools today so that they can build a tomorrow that is equitable for all.

In solidarity,

LINC Staff

To learn more about LINC's work, please visit us at:


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