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Blossoming Books in East Harlem: Watch LINC Live on Pix11 News

April showers bring May flowers and LINC’s East Harlem community has been blossoming books!

We are passionate about spreading a love of reading and the message is loud and clear–-see us in action, live on Pix 11 News.

On Saturday, April 23, LINC welcomed springtime with a festive reading event at Franklin Plaza in East Harlem. Close to 30 families enjoyed stories, music, crafts, and personal visits with our very own bunny, Very Involved Parent (VIP), Lisa Matthew.

Two surprise guest readers from PIX 11 News joined the LINC staff making this celebration even more special, the reporters Greg Mocker and Magee Hickey.

Greg Mocker who resides in the neighborhood read two lively stories: Wonkey Donkey by Craig Smith and My Friend Rabbit by Eric Rohman. Magee Hickey read a story by her PIX 11 News colleague Jennifer Bisram called Grandma Used to Say–a special tribute to all the grandmothers in the room.

As with many of LINC's programs, we had a lot of grandmas in the room and it was heartwarming to see different generations of readers bonding over storytime.

A young boy named Morgan was excited to speak to the reporters. He said, “I love when you read. You see all these different places.” Morgan’s grandmother, Suzette Johnson agreed. “We’re doing a lot of Facebook, phones, IPads, but I love books. Books are what my generation used.”

LINC encourages communities to pause their devices and focus on reading with friends and loved ones for at least 20 minutes a day. “Reading is essential. You have to read 20 minutes to your children every day for the bonding,” said Sylvia Alemany, LINC’s East Harlem Manager.

“Storytime is so important. Because no matter how much technology we are in, you need to be able to read to maneuver that technology.” - Jenice Zayas, LINC’s East Harlem Family Engagement Specialist.

It’s no wonder that LINC’s April animal of the month is a R.A.B.B.I.T. - a mascot who reads amazing beautiful books instead of TV! Each child who attended the event received two free age appropriate books to add to their home libraries.

Be sure to check out LINC’s coverage on PIX 11 News and shout it to the world. Reading is irresistible!

Register for LINC’s latest virtual programs at We can’t wait to read with you!


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