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City’s First Readers (CFR) Advocacy is a Tour de Force! 

Updated: May 8

Together we raise readers. Together we are stronger, and together we triumph. 

City’s First Readers advocacy is a Tour de Force!

Using the power of early literacy and the strength of collaboration, the New York City Council’s Early Literacy Initiative works to create equity for children in every New York City neighborhood. 

CFR has been more present than ever and we need your support to continue this important work. ACT NOW! You can help keep these programs going by filling out this petition. Our programs nurture children, strengthen families and build a New York City where achievement is possible for all.

This past April was City’s First Readers (CFR) Month and the 17 CFR partners came together to create literacy events in every borough. Over 600 books and 275 literacy kits were distributed, and more than 150 families enjoyed free access to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, the Bronx Children’s Museum, and the Staten Island Children’s Museum. 

Throughout the month, vibrant CFR-branded advertisements were strategically placed in 16 bus shelters around the city to spread the word. These advertisements invited families to hop on board, to learn more about CFR, and to make reading part of the ride. 

In addition to the new families attending CFR programs, website traffic and visitor engagement doubled. We are pleased knowing that the website is filled with activities, parent tips, and resources for strengthening reading routines at home. 

Speaking of at-home activities, many families couldn’t wait to turn in their CFR bookmarks and show off their month-long accomplishments, and a few lucky bookmark holders won fabulous raffle prizes.

All museum attendees received bright duckie backpacks filled with crayons, coloring sheets, two books and a plushie toy to commemorate their participation in this special campaign. 

We were thrilled to have Councilmember Jennifer Guiterriez close out the campaign by reading With Lots of Love, by Jenny Torres Sanchez, copies of which were generously donated by CFR’s partner Jumpstart so that all families could take one home.

Thank you to the City Council and to all of the CFR partners for their continued support, dedication, and hard work. Together we ensure that children from all backgrounds have a solid foundation to start school successfully, thrive academically and succeed beyond their school years. 

Together, CFR advocacy is a Tour de Force for early literacy!


For more information about City’s First Readers (CFR), contact Karen Rogel, Director of Strategic Initiatives at or Emmanuel Novy, Chief of Strategic Initiatives at

"From your generous donations to the meticulous labor put into assembling materials, the commitment to sending volunteers, and the enthusiastic attendance to support our families, your efforts did not go unnoticed. Your collective contributions truly make a difference. Your dedication, generosity, and hard work played an integral role in making CFR month a resounding success," said Karen Rogel, Director of Strategic Initiatives.


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