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Danbi’s Favorite Day: Reading, Art, and Inspiration at Wave Hill

On Thursday, August 17, LINC families gathered at one of the most treasured public gardens and cultural centers in New York City, Wave Hill,* for an interactive read-aloud of Danbi’s Favorite Day with guest author Anna Kim.

Anna Kim is an Asian Pacific American writer, and her story is filled with exquisite artwork that honors the distinct personalities and characters represented by a multitude of skin tones and hairstyles. This children’s story is a true celebration of diversity through literacy, one of LINC’s favorite themes, and a core part of our mission.

Councilmember and LINC champion Eric Dinowitz joined us for opening remarks, warmly greeting both old and new LINC families from his district, Kingsbridge, as well as other parts of the city. Author Anna Kim read her story and conducted an art lesson that the children enjoyed, drawing colorful butterflies from their comfy blankets in the grass. They were thrilled when she ended the program by autographing copies of her book and taking selfies with them.

Danbi’s Favorite Day turned a typical hot day in August into something far more special for these LINC families, who left bursting with new creativity and the joy felt from coming together. We can’t think of a more beautiful and unique landscape to share a story that celebrates children around the world.

Thank you to our partners at Wave Hill and Councilmember Eric Dinowitz for making this program possible! Get in on summer fun! Register now for LINC’s latest virtual programs at


* Wave Hill is a short bus ride from Kingsbridge in The Bronx and offers free admission to all on Thursdays.


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