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Education Starts at Birth: Pix11 Launches New PSA for LINC

Start early….education begins at birth!

Shout it to the world and build a movement! Literacy in Community (LINC) is proud to present our latest public service announcement starring Pix11’s Emmy Award-winning anchor Dan Mannarino. We are grateful to our corporate partner Pix11 for creating this extraordinary PSA and for being a staunch supporter of our mission. Pix11 continues to advocate for children’s access to early literacy education through their public awareness support. We are fortunate to have them as our partner!

Education starts at birth. Children learn from day one; their brains develop rapidly in their first five years. Parents, your role is crucial. Start early—talk, play, read. Every day matters in shaping a strong foundation for your child's school readiness and success. Set your children on the path for a brighter future. Discover and connect with Literacy In Community’s fun and free programs at

Watch it here and keep your eyes and ears peeled for both a 30-second and 15-second version! The PSA will premiere on February 26, 2024 and air until the end of March. 

Discover and connect with LINC’s fun and free programs at


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