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Honoring LINC’s Latest VIPs in South Jamaica, Queens

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

On Friday, December 9, Literacy Inc. (LINC) celebrated our latest group of Very Involved Parents (VIPs) at Sangria Tapas Bar & Restaurant in South Jamaica, Queens. It was as festive and tasty as it sounds and families sparkled all around. These proud parents and caregivers are the latest graduates of LINC’s VIP Academy who completed their training in South Jamaica, Queens.

Each graduate was recognized with citations from the Speaker of the New York City Council, Adrienne Adams and State Senator, Leroy Comrie, a native resident of South Jamaica.

The speakers emphasized the importance of literacy in a city of immigrants, of sharing opportunities and culture, and reminded these families that they are part of communities that serve and protect each other.

Congratulations to all of our graduates and parents for actively engaging in their child’s learning, building literacy-rich environments at home, and continuing to lead change in their communities!

  • Amanda Pereira

  • Jaijashree L. Singh

  • Rajmattie Boodhoo

  • Tricia Philips

  • Trisha Kishandayal

  • Tangela Sayeed

  • Candice Ganesh

  • Shaquanda Merrill

  • Indira Mohammed

  • Roshanie Sukhram

  • Bibi Ajodah

  • Levanie Mohan

  • Christin Mejia-Vargas

  • Devyani Seeram

  • Bibi Nazia Khan

  • Amenia Ricketts

  • Eunice Barrera

Thank you to our partner, Affinity by Molina Healthcare for underwriting this event and joining us in the celebration of these very special people!

To learn more about LINC’s VIP program or become a LINC VIP, please contact Wilkarlys Zaman at


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