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Honoring our Greatest Partners! A Very Involved Parent Graduation Ceremony at The Bronx Zoo

They are leaders, they are literacy advocates, they are our greatest partners and they hold the key. Yes, they do it all!

A new cohort of Literacy Inc.’s Very Involved Parents (VIPs) were honored at the Bronx Zoo yesterday. These VIPs are the latest graduates of LINC’s extensive literacy training program, 82 in total, who received completion certificates along with accolades from LINC staff and four elected officials.

During each volunteer training, parents learn to promote early literacy in their community, host reading programs with LINC, get more involved in their child's academic success, and build their own home libraries. LINC’s VIP Program prepares them to become literacy leaders in their own communities.

“LINC programs are inspirational and I so am proud to a partner. It is important that parents be there every step of the way. It requires many efforts and hours, and is a responsibility to your family and your community. There is nothing we cannot do if we do it together!” Assemblymember Yudelka Tapia addressed the graduating class.

Without them, we could not accomplish our mission. Parents are key allies and our most valuable partners in making literacy a right and a reality for all families regardless of their zip code. By focusing on developing their skills, competencies, and leadership, they become advocates for their own children and claim their place as changemakers in their communities. As parents, as leaders, and as literacy advocates, they support their families and each other, through the generations.

Together we are stronger! Thank you Assemblymember Yudelka Tapia, Councilmember Oswald Feliz, Deputy Bronx Borough President Janet Peguero, Assemblymember Manny de los Santos/Christopher Espinoza, the Director of Community and Member Engagement, Victor Pupo and his team at Affinity by Molina Healthcare.

Congratulations to LINC’s Class of 2022 VIPs!


Carmensina Fajardo Taveras

Cassandra Mays

Edith Martinez

Ericka Bravo

Itani Garcia

Triciah Claxton


Carlos Sabino

Gumesinda Hidalgo

Ladi Oran

Lourdes Salazar

Maria Rutilio

Xoronilda Rodriguez

Yadira Pena

Sandra Patricio

Gissel Feliz

Vielka Nunez

Mayra Cueto

Ralibeth Vera Riera

Emerenciana Salas


Dalila Corona

Maria Moreta

Serena Yeung

Thalia Amador

Lower Washington Heights

Alejandra Rutilio

Ana Noguera

Beatriz Ceron

Beatriz Fermin Galindo

Cecilia Oran

Edith Corona

Itzel Angel

Maria Elena Basurto

Miriam Islas

Vianey Rosendo

Dahiana Rodriguez

Yesika Bringas


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