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Achieving the Promise of Early Literacy Together: LINC’s 2020 Annual Report

“LINC works with parents and communities to address the literacy crisis and all the injustices that stem from it—all to build a more equitable society and livable future. Parents are passionate about helping their children succeed; we show them tried and true ways to make literacy visible and valued...Our work transforms families, our families transform communities—this transforms the world.” Mimi Levin Lieber, LINC’s Founder

Literacy Inc. (LINC) invites you to learn how we are achieving the promise of early literacy together, despite the challenges of the pandemic. Our 2020 annual report is a true testament to our proven impact, filled with the stories and faces of our families connecting and reading together during a difficult and isolating year. Join us on their journey from parent to literacy advocate:


The pandemic further exacerbated the educational and social inequities that already existed in our communities. Early literacy experiences are indispensable to a child’s developing brain, which is 90% formed before the age of five. Pre-literacy activities shape a child’s life trajectory long before school even starts and these opportunities are dramatically less available in the high poverty neighborhoods where LINC concentrates its programming. LINC families are starting their children on the path to a lifelong love of reading, even during coronavirus shutdowns.

“LINC has done much for me during COVID. I am a COVID survivor, and LINC was there calling me, asking me what I needed. They found whatever I needed…They brought things to my home...LINC never abandoned me. They were always with me when I was going through COVID— before, during, and after.”

“Apart from literacy materials, I gained more friends and another family from being a LINC Very Involved Parent.”

Throughout the disruption and upheaval of the last year, LINC’s innovative, two-generational, community-based model was tested again, and again, proving to be both adaptable and effective. Because reading together as a family provides comfort and security, we focused on mobilizing tools and resources to keep them reading at home. Our staff adjusted community outreach and program delivery to online platforms virtually overnight and our Very Involved Parents volunteers continued to create a system of support for the families in their communities. With the literacy-rich ecosystems that LINC has been building for almost 25 years, we are addressing immediate needs while continuing to open doors for a bright future.

The Power of Working Together

Together, we are achieving the Promise of Literacy for families across New York. The power of parents and community working together on behalf of children is inspiring and hopeful. Your financial support fuels their engagement. Thank you for being an important part of the LINC’s work to improve our city.

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