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LINC in the News: Advocating for Early Literacy in the Bronx

We are so grateful to literacy champions like our very own Gladys Gomez! Gladys joined Bronx Community Board 7’s education committee’s first meeting to advocate for the Bronx's earliest readers and was featured in the Norwood News.

Bronx Neighborhood Manager Gladys Gomez (center) at her Very Involved Parent graduation.

As a former Very Involved Parent (VIP), Gladys instructed the committee on the transformative power of the VIP program. Parents that are empowered with the skills to become leaders create literacy-rich environments in their home and throughout their neighborhood. Gladys has time and again demonstrated the impact of LINC's model through her enthusiasm, devotion, and love of reading. She is now our Neighborhood Manager in the Bronx and is leading the charge to ensure that literacy is visible and valued in the lives of every child.

In addition to the VIP program, Gladys also spoke to the tremendous impact of our literacy zones. These partnerships with local businesses and institutions, such as Niño de la Caridad and Saint Barnabas Hospital’s WIC offices in Fordham, expand the influence of early literacy. By offering free books to children at these locations, literacy zones encourage a culture of learning and discovery through reading.

Thank you to Gladys, and for all of the fierce advocates who make our work possible! You can read more about this wonderful evening at Norwood News.

Don't forget to register for LINC’s latest virtual reading programs. We can’t wait to read with you.


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