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LINC Launches 2022 Annual Report: We Are Literacy in Community

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

It is with great pleasure and excitement that LINC launches its 2022 annual report, reflecting on another year of leading the work we call “Literacy in Community.”

LINC's 2022 annual report describes passionate people doing the hard work of helping children be ready to read. Our people, whether staff or Very Involved Parents, ensure reading becomes valued and visible in some of the most unlikely places – a waiting room, a corner of the neighborhood pharmacy, or perhaps the local flower shop or laundromat. By doing so, they help to build a culture of literacy that extends beyond the classroom and into the community.

Read the pages and see the faces that fuel LINC’s important work - committed colleagues, caregivers, and donors! Together, we create community, cultivate relationships, and reach the same child multiple times with effective literacy programs.

Meet Sandra and Carlos - two VIPS who, this year alone, led 11 Reading Everywhere events. Since joining LINC, they have participated in an impressive 256 programs! Over the past few years, out of 103 VIP-led programs, Sandra supported 63, often helping other communities outside her own!

"I have learned so much. Coming from a small town in Mexico, I never imagined the accomplishments my family would achieve. We plant little seeds for other families and children to learn and grow with every book we read and every event we support. Education is a necessity, and I want my community to realize this and have access to it."-- Sandra, Washington Heights

Our mission has naturally expanded into “Literacy In Community” as the success of the families we have reached has empowered them to work together more effectively to enhance access to literacy.

We are so very proud of the people and communities that have grown up around reading thanks to LINC programs, and are eternally grateful to all who make our goals a reality.

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