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LINC's Community Spotlight - Fordham

Literacy Inc.'s (LINC) community of the week is Fordham and our team would like to give a shoutout to all of our devoted parent volunteers, community partners, schools and libraries. With your support, our programs spread the joy of reading along Fordham Road in the Bronx all the way from University Avenue to the New York Botanical Garden.

Our partnerships open up a world of possibilities to the communities that we serve through the leadership of LINC's Very Involved Parents (VIPs). LINC's VIPs complete a rigorous four session training course and serve as literacy ambassadors in their own neighborhoods. Their peer-to-peer message about the importance of daily reading resonates with other parents and serves as a literacy model for both the children and the adults in the audience.

As part of LINC's Fordham Community Spotlight, we would like to salute one of our dedicated VIPs, Awilda Polanco. Awilda has worked with the LINC Fordham community since October 2019 and has been a consistent role model for our families. Awilda is pictured front and center during a Spanish read aloud of Las Vacas No Pueden Saltar, the wonderful story Cows Can't Jump by Dave Reisman. Thank you, Awilda for helping LINC jump to new heights in Fordham as our Fordham programs reach more and more families.

To learn more about LINC's Fordham's programming or get involved, follow us @LINCFordham on Facebook and Instagram.


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