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LINC Welcomes Tracy Dockray, Renowned Children's Book Author & Illustrator to Our Board of Directors

Our LINC family continues to grow! We are delighted to announce our newest board member, Tracy Dockray, who has enriched the LINC brand with her beautiful illustrations. Tracy Dockray is an author and illustrator of children’s books as well as part-time librarian. For her, reading is her pleasure, profession and mission. It is no surprise that LINC’s approach to solving the literacy crisis aligns well with her own interests. Tracy and her husband, Mark Rudd, were honored at LINC’s 2020 “Ungala.”

What attracted you to Literacy Inc. and what is most exciting about joining the board?

A friend introduced me to Literacy Inc. and I was impressed with LINC’s organization and the enthusiasm of all that are involved. I’m excited to join the board and add the perspective of a creator of children's books, but more importantly, the perspective of a librarian that wants to get every child to love reading as much as I do.

Why do books or reading matter in the life of a child?

I believe that reading is imperative to a child’s success. Reading expands a child’s vocabulary as well as horizons. It introduces concepts and cultures beyond their own, and shows them that there are so many things in the wide world that they can pursue. To enter a book can bring a reader into the life of a character where, through them, they can laugh or cry, feel love, fear, empathy, experience the past or future, or travel near or far all from the safety of an armchair. Why would we deny that to anybody?

What was your favorite book as a kid?

I liked to be scared by the forest in Where the Wild Things Are and I loved the twisting roads and imaginative situations in the Dr Seuss books.

What are you reading right now, and why?

I just finished James McBride’s sublime Deacon King Kong. It was recommended to me by my favorite clerk at Three Lives Bookstore. The title is strange and the premise too. But I love reading a book recommended by someone I trust. It might be completely different than what I’d pick for myself. It takes me out of my comfort zone and I’m better for it.

Who in your life, has made a positive impact in your personal or professional growth?

My husband’s trainer, Delilah. A child of a single welfare mother, Delilah put herself through college and is a trainer and an artist. She never let her past drag her down and has pursued her dreams with love and fearlessness. It makes me feel that I can still do that too.

What is your favorite dish?

Green beans with bacon and onions...or anything with cream gravy. I reckon that comes from my West Texas roots.

What do you miss the most about your pre-Covid-19 life?

I so miss being in a group of people with a united purpose or hugging my friends and outside family.

When Covid-19 is behind us, where would you like to travel?

To Texas to see my father and to Prague with my family so we can wander down its old streets together.

Welcome to the LINC Board of Directors, Tracy!

To learn more about Tracy's work in literature and literacy go to

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