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LINC Welcomes Yvan Kaprielian to our Cycling Team!

LINC welcomes Yvan Kaprielian, our newest cyclist to Team LINC as we get ready to ride the TD Five Boro Bike Tour on Sunday. Get to know Yvan in this brief interview and why he chose LINC as his beneficiary.

Introducing Superstar Cyclist Yvan Kaprielian

1. What was your favorite story or book as a child?

My favorite book was The Black Stallion, about a boy whose boat sinks in the Mediterranean and he is saved by a horse. What I most loved about was the special connection the boy developed with the horse (which eventually becomes an unbeatable race horse). I love to have this kind of connection with an animal and nature, without the restrictions or fears that we develop as adults.

2. How long have you been cycling?

The first thing that I bought when I moved to the United States from Paris was a hybrid bike. I grew up playing soccer and riding bikes.

I started cycling when I was about ten years old. I would follow my older brother and his friends and usually get left behind because my bike had only three speeds and theirs were much faster.

3. What inspires you to ride for a cause like LINC?

I believe that education at a young age is critical to building your life's foundation. We learn by reading about the world and that helps us to think for ourselves, make decisions for ourselves and lead successful lives.

4. What do you see (or hope to see) as your impact as a cyclist?

Cycling is a great combination of fun and exercise. I have ridden the TD Five Boro Bike Tour before and this time I chose LINC because I love how LINC embraces different cultures in their literacy programs. I was raised with three cultures in my life (Armenian, French and American) and I know how important cultural literacy can be.


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