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LINC Wins the Lottery - Lil’ Loteria!

Bilingual Education and Multicultural Books Publisher, Lil Libros Awards LINC with Abundant Early Literacy Resources

When the bilingual education and multicultural books publisher Lil Libros asked their social media community to recommend an exemplary non-profit organization that would benefit from their products, LINC was thrilled to hear that our organization had been nominated. We were even more ecstatic when we learned that we won the Lil Libros award and would receive an abundance of early literacy resources for our work.

We could not be prouder that Lil Libros personally selected LINC as an outstanding organization of impact that aligns with their goals. Lil’ Libros is a publishing company in Los Angeles, CA founded by two Latina mothers in 2014. Their mission is to inspire parents and educators to read to their children and encourage them to do so in two languages. They work with several non-profits and schools throughout the country and provide significant discounts on all of their bilingual products. So what exactly did we win in this lottery? This honor came with a donation of 100 bilingual board games that we know our families will love called Lil’ Loteria--A Bilingual Picture Word Bingo Game valued at $21 a piece. The game focuses on introducing bilingual vocabulary, promotes art, cognitive development, family bonding and empowers non-Spanish speakers to learn a new language in a fun way. This bilingual learning game is exactly the type of activity you would see LINC families engage in during our online programs. Kids learn memory and matching skills plus vocabulary words in English and Spanish, and once the game board is filled with the matching cards, the players shout LOTERIA!

“I’m aware that your organization focuses on empowering children and families with resources that will help them during their early age and we simply want to be a resource to you. We hope this donation will help many children and families continue the mission of early literacy as a foundation to a child’s future success.” -- Cynthia Gonzalez, Client Relations/Operations, Lil Libros

Lil Loteria includes 6 game boards, 36 playing cards and can be used by 2 to 6 players ages 3+ which fits right into the ages when a child’s brain is developing the most.

Thank you to our families, partners and Lil’ Libros community for helping our little friends learn new words and build home libraries.

Lil Libros founder and author Patty Rodriguez joined LINC’s summer author series on Tuesday, July 20. Register for upcoming programs with LINC:


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