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Meet LINC’s Superstar Cyclist Team: Pedaling with Purpose in the 2021 TD Five Boro Bike Tour

We’re thrilled to introduce our dedicated and dynamic cyclist team for this year’s TD Five Boro Bike Tour. LINC is partnering with biking community Mind Body Results (MBR) to transform the lives of NYC’s youngest readers. MBR riders Tyrell Taylor, Taurean Coppin, Carnel Patterson, Mackenzie Wells, Atiba Grant, Tea Rose Pankey, and James Lee Buckley will join with LINC community members to form a team of cyclists for change on this 40 mile, car-free bike ride to raise funds for our vital work of fighting for education justice and providing support to families of children aged 0-5.

Meet the MBR cyclists who will #RideToRead with LINC at the 2021 TD Five Boro Bike Tour! Clockwise from top left: Tyrell Taylor, Tea Rose Pankey, Taurean Coppin, Mackenzie Wells, James Lee Buckley, Carnel Patterson, and

Atiba Grant

Like the Bike Tour, LINC spans all five boroughs in our efforts to bring the joy of reading to New York City’s most vulnerable children. Our community of literacy advocates increase both children’s and parents’ access to literacy-building opportunities, raise expectations, generate an understanding of grade-level literacy skills, and provide simple reading strategies to support parents in helping their children, regardless of their own ability to read or speak English.

MBR is no stranger to advocating for justice. In the wake of the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis law enforcement, MBR jumped into action. Each Friday, MBR rides as a form of protest against systemic racial injustice and to shout to the world that Black Lives Matter. As MBR says, “These rides are for everyone standing and riding in opposition of systemic racism. Let’s unite as a community and create the environment insistent on positive change.” They have also ridden to raise awareness of the 2020 census as well as combat breast cancer. Now, they join LINC in riding for a city free from education discrimination and injustice.

Give today and help this superstar team create lasting impact in the lives of our city’s children:

For more information, contact Eliana Godoy at


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