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Celebrating Children's Book Week: Free Comic Book Day is on Saturday, May 7

Updated: May 4, 2022

Literacy Inc. (LINC) strives to find accessible opportunities for early literacy growth in all kinds of places in NYC, which for some families could include Free Comic Book Day on May 7. On the first Saturday of May each year, over 2,000 local comic book stores worldwide offer free comic books to all ages. Recently, Free Comic Book Day has also become a featured event of Children’s Book Week, which takes place this year on May 2-8.

An article for parents of Scholastic Books praised the way comic books have empowered girls, children with learning disabilities, children on the autism spectrum, and many children who generally have difficulty being motivated to read. Themes like building self esteem, developing a growth mindset, and establishing reading routines are a big part of LINC’s Parent Workshops. We know that children will tend to read more if the topic interests them and matching pictures to written words is a big part of the process and pleasure.

If you are interested in learning more about comic content for kids on Free Comic Book Day, you can visit their* affiliated website for a variety of comics for children. They have a location finder feature to help families find their nearest participating store.

Spread the word in your community and register now for LINC’s latest virtual Parent Workshop. We can’t wait to read with you!


* We at LINC recommend previewing the comic books your children read before they start turning pages.


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