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Reading is Culture

In everything we do, we support and partner with local businesses like Taco Truck Morelos. These community venues provide a platform where everyone plays a role in elevating the importance of reading. We distribute messages like the one Marco sent in support of LINC’s Giving Tuesday when our campaign was launched: “It’s a pleasure to serve this organization, to talk about the importance of reading. We say reading is culture. Reading cultivates. The more we read, the more we cultivate and gain knowledge of different cultures, ethnicities, traditions, places. The best thing we could do is to invest time in reading. A book doesn’t hurt.”

Every day, LINC is out in the community advocating for children’s right to read. We surround children with literacy-rich environments by partnering with libraries, daycare centers, health clinics, cultural centers, and community-based organizations. We build literacy zones in small businesses - small libraries where families can access books while shopping or engaging in daily activities, where children can see community leaders reading together.

Our staff carefully handpicks the books we distribute to connect children to the cultural diversity of our city. Our families see themselves represented in the books we read - their cultural legacies written and read aloud. Our diverse staff is bilingual and truly representative of our communities. We also train parent leaders to deliver read-aloud events in their native languages, leveraging their linguistic assets and those of the community to make literacy accessible in a multitude of languages.

Reading is Culture.


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