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United Forces and a VIP Named Flor Come Together to Present LINC’s Winter Caregiver Workshops

This holiday season, LINC’s Fordham and Kingsbridge communities united forces with SBH Health & Wellness Center in The Bronx to host a variety of caregiver workshops as part of LINC’s Family Engagement Series. 

The series teaches parents how to make reading a valued part of a family’s daily routine and connect to other families, community resources, and public libraries, and SBH’s partnership has been crucial to this effort. Together, our teams have created a beautifully decorated, joyful, and welcoming environment where families can feel comfortable and confident as they embark on their parent journeys with LINC. 

During one of our recent series, Baby Talk, a LINC Very Involved Parent (VIP) stood out and we wanted to salute her. Not only did VIP Flor Ramires attend all 4 sessions of Baby Talk with her two little ones, Alex and Itzel, she also encouraged her partner, and her sister to participate, and offered to do all of the Spanish translations for the workshops. 

Baby talk is a unique series that invites caregivers to build vocabulary through narration. This includes sing-alongs, read-alouds, and other activities that parents must be able to access in their native language, and when LINC was short-staffed, Flor jumped in to help. Moreover, she offered to assist with the workshop setup and shared numerous examples of her personal experiences that were relevant to the training and helpful for other attendees. 

VIPs like Flor warm our hearts with their actions and remind us why our VIPs are so special. They champion our mission as true literacy advocates and extend our connection to others, creating a rippling effect.

LINC transforms families and families transform communities!

It’s no surprise that Flor also participated in LINC’s holiday program at the New York Botanical Garden in December. 

Stay tuned. LINC will host another workshop series, Serve & Return at SBH Health & Wellness Center in February.

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