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You have to be in it to win it!

Our communities win big when we are all counted in the 2020 census but you literally have to have to be IN it to WIN it.

What do you “win”? Many government services and public funding priorities are based on the number of people in a community. Federal, state and local governments all use the census to estimate the need for services and plan for those needs. If seniors are not counted, you can be sure the number of programs and centers for seniors will decrease. If babies aren’t counted, the number of slots available for daycare will fall short of the need. Same with school classrooms, free school lunch, playgrounds, and job training programs. By responding to the census, you help your community “win” the resources and programs it deserves and needs to help families like yours. You help your neighborhood get its fair share.

In the last (2010) census families sometimes listed their school aged children, but DID NOT include their infants or toddlers, leading to a serious undercount (by a million kids!) that resulted in serious underfunding. We can’t let this happen again. IF YOU HAVE NOT RESPONDED TO THE CENSUS OR NEVER RECEIVED A FORM

CALL (844) 330-2020 or visit

Respond today and help us “win” our fair share.

LINC’s programs can help you make your child a winner too. Readers are leaders - children who read daily with their parents before they start school are better prepared to “learn how to read” before they must “read in order to learn.” LINC’s virtual programs can be watched with a smartphone, ipad or computer. Visit our website to find a winning combination of storytimes for young people and supporting programming for parents.

As an added bonus, enter LINC's #2020Census Instagram Challenge. Visit us on Instagram/@lincnyc and win a $100 gift card* for Walmart. Instructions are on the flyer below.

*Sponsored by Fidelis Care.


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