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Literacy Inc. (LINC) builds neighborhood networks that support young readers.

There is a childhood literacy crisis in the U.S.!

Alarmingly, 74% of students living in poverty will leave third grade reading below grade level,
many never to catch up. Students who do not read proficiently by the end of third grade have a 35% likelihood of dropping out of high school. High school drop outs face chronic unemployment, dependence on public assistance and economic marginalization as adults, thus renewing the
cycle of poverty.

Reading is not a subject area. Reading is a fundamental skill.

Over 85% of the school curriculum relies on competent literacy skills for learning and instruction. When we fail to ensure that children read proficiently by the time they leave third grade—the
point in their education when they must read proficiently to learn—the cascading effects can
be devastating.

Targeted literacy support can address the problem.

While children from low–income families often start school significantly behind their more affluent peers, with more ground to cover before third grade, targeted literacy support can address this gap and lessen the danger of school failure. LINC's vision is that all low–income communities become literacy–rich so that every child has the support to become a competent reader by the end of
third grade.


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