Leadership Team


Executive Director

Shari Levine

LINC Ext. 102


Program Directors & Managers

John Andrews

Program Outcomes Manager

LINC Ext. 143

Debora Mulrain

Senior Director of Staff

LINC Ext. 120

Al Reynolds

Project Director, Neighborhood Initiatives

LINC Ext. 110

Rosalind Diaz

Associate Director, Staten Island

LINC Ext. 125

Emily Gertz

Director of Strategic Initiatives

LINC Ext. 141

Emmanuel Novy

Director of Programs

LINC Ext. 167

Ingrid Bentil

Director of Early Childhood Programming & City's First Readers Project Director

LINC Ext. 135

Arisleyda De La Cruz

Program Manager, VIP Program

LINC Ext. 138

Silvia Alemañy

Associate Director, South Bronx

LINC Ext 126

Albania Jimenez

Director of Family & Community Engagement

LINC Ext. 115

Karen Rogel

Associate Director, Brooklyn & Queens

LINC Ext. 122


Program Staff

Delilah Santamaria

Community Coordinator (South Bronx)

LINC Ext. 140

Sorelys Irizarry

Community Manager
(Inwood/ Washington Heights)

LINC Ext. 132

Michelle Vidals

Community Manager (Washington Heights)

LINC Ext. 166

Evelyn Cabreja

Community Coordinator

LINC Ext. 118

Emily Valdez

Community Coordinator
(Washington Heights )

LINC Ext. 137

Melissa Colon

Community Coordinator (Kingsbridge)

LINC Ext. 164

Jessica Rogel

Community Manager

LINC Ext. 131

Araceli Farciert

Senior Community Coordinator (Kingsbridge)

LINC Ext. 130

Husniyah Hassan

Community Coordinator
(Staten Island)

LINC Ext. 148

Lisa Zammett

Program Outcomes Coordinator

LINC Ext. 151

Christie Rosario

Community Manager

LINC Ext. 161

Corey Saxton

Community Manager

LINC Ext. 136

Demelza Wilson

Community Coordinator

LINC Ext. 139

Alyssa Hidalgo

Community Coordinator
(Staten Island)

LINC Ext. 129

Inez Martinez

VIP Coordinator

LINC Ext. 145


Community / Program Assistants

Carmen Correa

Senior Program Assistant, Early Childhood

LINC Ext. 155

Wilkarlys Zaman

Program Assistant, Early Childhood
(Staten Island)

LINC Ext. 142

Rocio Apolonio

Program Assistant, Early Childhood
(Inwood/Washington Heights)

LINC Ext. 114

Beverley Philips

Program Assistant, Early Childhood

LINC Ext. 123

Development & Operations

LINC Ext. 109

Executive Assistant

Suzette Soltero

LINC Ext. 113

Director of Finance & Administration

Jeanine Nadler

LINC Ext. 133

Communications Manager

Virginia Taddoni

LINC Ext. 119

Sales Operations Associate

Adio Motayne

LINC Ext.103

Director of Development

Eliana Godoy

LINC Ext. 124

Associate Director of Corporate Philanthropy

Chabely Ramos

LINC Ext. 149

Corporate and Individual Volunteer Manager

Reachelle Ramirez

LINC Ext. 116

Development Associate

Sarah Morgridge

LINC Ext. 143

Development & Technology Manager

John Andrews


Elizabeth McGowan

Grants Manager

LINC Ext. 112

Carol Thomas