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Our Team

Anthony Albanese
Development Coordinator

Ext. 132

Rocio Apolonio
Family Engagement Specialist, Floater

Ext. 114

Mario Biancamano
Senior Manager, Finance and Human Resources

Ext. 137

Alma Canete
Neighborhood Manager, Upper Manhattan

Ext. 127

Deon Daniels
Family Engagement Specialist, Staten Island

Ext. 164

Katie Gardner-Boehm
Director of Development

Ext. 163

Majida Gouriech
Family Engagement Specialist, Fordham

Ext. 134

Albania Jimenez
Senior Director of Family & Community Mobilization

Ext. 115

Inez Martinez
Community Engagement Specialist, East Harlem

Ext. 152

Sarah Morgridge
Senior Manager of Advancement

Ext. 116

Emmanuel Novy
Chief of Strategic Initiatives

Ext. 167

Kevin Raymond
Community Engagement Specialist, East New York

Ext. 162

Christie Rosario
Family Engagement Specialist, East New York

Ext. 161

Dani Stompor
Communications Specialist

Ext. 119

Michelle Vidals
Northern Manhattan Early Childhood Collective Program Manager

Ext. 166

Demelza Wilson
Neighborhood Manager, South Jamaica

Ext. 139

Silvia Alemañy
Neighborhood Manager, East Harlem

Ext. 126

Kate Armstrong
Operations Manager

Ext. 140

Reishmi Brijmohan
Family Engagement Specialist, South Jamaica

Ext. 154

Yocasta Capellan
Family Engagement Specialist, Lower Washington Heights

Ext. 145

Kathleen Dorman
Donor Relations Manager

Ext. 144

Eliana Godoy
Deputy Director for Programs and Impact

Ext. 103

Valete Graham
Institutional Giving Manager

Ext. 147

Shari Levine
Executive Director

Ext. 102

Elizabeth McGowan
Grants Manager

Ext. 112

Deb Mulrain
Chief Community Officer

Ext. 120

Nanci Pavlisko
Manager of Corporate Relations

Ext. 150

Karen Rogel
Associate Director of Neighborhood Initiatives (Reads)

Ext. 122

Melanie Sanchez
Program Assistant

Ext. 141

Virginia Taddoni
Senior Manager of Communications

Ext. 133

Arisbel Villa
Community Engagement Specialist, Bronx

Ext. 148

Allison Zambito
Content and Delivery Specialist

Ext. 129

John Andrews
Associate Director, Evaluation and Impact

Ext. 143

Josh Barocas
Director of Early Literacy

Ext. 135

Evelyn Cabreja
Content & Delivery Specialist

Ext. 118

Catherine Carpentieri
Chief Development Officer

Ext. 121

Araceli Farciert
Family Engagement Specialist, Kingsbridge

Ext. 130

Jessica Goldfarb
Chief Operating Officer

Ext. 117

Kiera Jerez-Alston
Family Engagement Specialist, East Harlem

Ext. 149

Liz Manning
Director of Evaluation and Learning

Ext. 138

Ari Mitchell
Neighborhood Manager, East New York

Ext 110

Martin Munoz
Neighborhood Manager, The Bronx

Ext. 109

Beverley Philips
Community Engagement Specialist, South Jamaica

Ext. 123

Jessica Rogel-Pohl
Content & Delivery Specialist

Ext. 131

Kiara Santos
Associate Director of Family and Community Engagement

Ext. 124

Arjana Topallaj
Community Engagement Specialist, Staten Island

Ext. 146

Laura Walsh
Chief Programs Officer

Ext. 165

Lisa Zammett
Program Outcomes Manager

Ext. 151

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