The Literacy Crisis

New York City has an invisible crisis. Nearly two out of three children affected by systemic poverty cannot read at grade level.  Children who can’t transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn” by third grade are 13 times more likely not to graduate on time from high school. Illiteracy impacts their ability to access better opportunities in health, education, and the economy. In the United States, 43% of adults with the lowest levels of literacy live in poverty. Low literacy rates cost the American economy $225 billion a year in loss of productivity.  Investing in literacy is the path out of poverty. It is both the smart and the right thing to do!

Who We Are

We are advocates for children’s literacy, committed to ending the literacy crisis. With deep ties to our target communities, we are personally invested in the wellbeing of our children. When a child reads, a community succeeds!


of parents report they read more often with their child.

What We Do

LINC works throughout New York City’s five boroughs to surround children with literacy-rich environments. We disrupt intergenerational illiteracy by training parents to help their children embrace reading. Parents become literacy ambassadors within their communities, engaged with resources that already exist in their neighborhoods. The entire community contributes to the goal of raising readers, creating a culture of literacy at the neighborhood level. We generate lasting change. 

Our Impact

LINC creates lasting change at multiple levels.

Join Us

You can help to change the story of families in New York City. With your help, with the whole community working together, and with LINC’s holistic approach, our children have a fair chance to unlocking a brighter future.  Join our cause!