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93 Reasons Why We Love Mimi


This past Monday, March 23, we celebrated our fearless founder’s 93rd birthday! Mimi Levin Lieber continues to show all of us at LINC how to pursue justice through literacy with joy! We asked our staff and board members to share their thoughts on why they appreciate Mimi. The result was a list of 93 Reasons Why We Love Mimi (and a few more to grow on).

If you are needing a mood booster this week, we encourage you to read the full list here. Be prepared to smile, laugh, and be inspired! For now, here are some of our favorites:

  1. Mimi is a visionary educator, a champion for social justice and continues to inspire. Combining vision, energy, drive and results is hard at any age. Maintaining it for 90+ years is truly unbelievable.

  2. At 93 she is sharper and more spirited than most who are only 39!

  3. She lives up to her name (Lieber is German for “lover”).

  4. She is, as our people say, a beautiful neshama (soul).

  5. Her intellect, her passion, her humbleness, her wit, her style, her love of a good stiff drink, and the twinkle in her eye that tells us all that she's lived a very full life.

  6. Her character radiates so many good vibes that you just feel so light and at peace. It makes you realize why LINC works for the community the way it does.

  7. I love it that Mimi, who knows so many interesting and influential people, is always interested in meeting someone new and finding out what she might learn from them.

  8. We love her for never recognizing the meaning of the word “NO” when it comes to something she’s promoting for family literacy.

  9. Mimi has an amazing sense of style.

  10. Mimi is a role model for all women because she made her own path, followed it, and continues to blaze a path for all of us.

  11. I've always said she's ahead of her time and so is LINC.

  12. Children are great Readers because you are a Dreamer. I love you Mimi, may your continuous blessings overflow in abundance.

  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH for making me realize that I'm my children's first and most important teacher.

  14. Mimi envisioned a uniquely powerful community based model that will provide a better future for children and communities. We are blessed to carry out her vision every day.

  15. She's the gift that keeps on giving.

Want to see Mimi’s vision in action? Visit to learn more about LINC’s online activities for families and children ages 0-5.


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