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A New Class of LINC Very Involved Parents is Leading the Charge to Raise Resilient Readers

On June 16, 2023, we welcomed to the LINC community the newest graduates of our Very Involved Parents (VIP) program. 22 parents, caretakers, and role models joined our network of VIPs bringing the power of early literacy to their homes and neighborhoods.

Designed as a four-part workshop series, the VIP program equips participants with knowledge and leadership skills that allow them to plan and promote reading programs with community partners and LINC staff.

VIPs are outstanding examples of community-led impact and the power of raising resilient readers. Participants come to the VIP program for a variety of reasons, often because they have experienced the work of other VIPs in action at LINC programs. VIP graduate Aneesa Brijal’s inspiration to sign up for the workshops was to continue spreading early literacy programs to new partners: “LINC has helped my children become very good readers, and I [would] like to be part of these programs to impact other children.”

Becoming a VIP introduces caretakers to a whole community of parents and enthusiastic supporters helping not only their community, but also one another. “What made me become a VIP member is to become more involved with reading academics to help my children succeed in literature,” said Thalia Reyes, “As for me when I was younger I don’t remember having reading clubs or anything similar to this.” For caretakers who feel isolated, being a VIP means having a cohort of engaged peers ready to offer support and advice.

Many of our staff members began their journey with LINC as VIPs themselves, including Reishmi Brijmohan in South Jamaica. Having gone through the program, she’s devoted her energy to encouraging aspiring VIPs throughout the process, and continues to bring impactful programs to young readers. New VIP Tameca Greene recalls: “my children enjoy the workshops and the LINC support team which includes Ms. Beverley and Ms. Reishmi. They’ve been very supportive and kept us in the community even though we’re not able to meet in person.”

The VIP program is just one workshop series that LINC offers. Covering topics ranging from introducing new words to infants to preparing for schools, our workshops are tailor-made to meet caretakers’ needs. Want to join our next VIP workshop series? Contact Wilkarlys Zaman at or join our mailing list at


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