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All Aboard! NYC Reads Presents Your Ticket to a Year of Reading Adventures

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

All aboard! Step in and stand clear of the closing doors!

Hot off the press is Beyond the Book: Books, Activities, & Fun–NYC Reads’ calendar booklet and your ticket to a year of brand new reading adventures.

Each month from July 2023 until June 2024, NYC Reads shines a spotlight on a captivating book that celebrates a unique perspective for youngsters. Alongside it comes free resources and engaging activities for families to enjoy. Suggested activities include savoring foods from different countries, practicing other languages, exploring libraries and museums, and learning about a multitude of cultures.

Stories like Bo & the Community Garden by Elliott Smith, André Goes to School by Mikaela Wilson, Amor de Colores by Melanie Romero, and many others have been carefully chosen by NYC Reads to cover topics and authors that are as diverse as New York City. Flip through the vibrant pages and discover recommendations for ages from birth to 5th grade, and take the NYC Reads Pledge to get started on your journey, Beyond the Book!.

NYC Reads is a collaborative effort of 11 organizations working together to support academic achievement in East New York, East Harlem, and South Jamaica. Together, they form a passionate community dedicated to making universal literacy a reality for children. NYC Reads can be found in schools, homes, libraries, pediatric offices, local stores, and online at

Beyond the Book is available in English, Spanish, and Bengali and includes a variety of at-home activities to enjoy during every season of the year! So step in and stand clear of the closing doors, please!

Get your copy of Beyond the Book at the NYC Reads Back to School Celebrations. Register here or scan the QR code below to reserve a spot today!


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