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Impact Story of the Month: Civic Corps Members Spend their Day of Service with LINC

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Literacy, Inc. (LINC) was honored to be one of eight partner organizations selected as a host site during the NY Civic Corps 2022 MLK Day of Service.

Thirteen Civic Corps members chose to dedicate their service time to LINC and joined us for a 4-hour program on Monday, January 17th. In an effort to continue to bring storytime home for our families, members participated in a read aloud project to create more content for our YouTube channel. We spent the first part of the day educating and inspiring them by sharing LINC’s history, mission, and work. We played the video of Alma’s journey to give participants an inside glimpse at the powerful, positive impact LINC can have on families.

Once everyone clearly understood their mission for the day, we broke into small groups for book selection. Participants had no trouble at all making quick choices based on a variety of factors - Chad chose Bats in the Library because his hometown, Austin TX, is known for the summer bat migration; Keilin chose Kira the Koala because she liked the alliteration with her own name; Elaina chose Curious George because of it’s timeless appeal and her belief in the power of inquisitiveness; Gema chose I Choose to Calm my Anger in hopes that some child might hear that story and better understand how to handle their own emotions.

The small groups also afforded us the opportunity to talk to the members in more depth about LINC and share personal stories about how reading impacted our childhoods and our lives.

The whole group watched a rousing video featuring LINC’s vibrant Content and Delivery Manager, Evelyn Cabreja, who shared pro tips and best practices when recording a read aloud. Each civic corp member brought their own passion and perspective to the project and we ended up with 13 wonderful new pieces of content for our YouTube channel.

Before parting ways, the group reconvened to reflect on the project. We discussed the powerful way books can provide emotional support, be sources of comfort, model important behaviors, and encourage healthy habits.

Thank you to the Americorps team for giving us the opportunity to share LINC’s message and work with a broader audience of Civic Corps members. And congratulations to all who participated! By using your voice to share a story, you are not only helping us develop content that our families can access wherever and whenever they need it, you are showing children the power and joy that comes from reading.

For more information regarding volunteer opportunities with LINC, contact Nanci Pavlisko at or 212-620-5462, ext. 150.


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