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Building Literacy through our Bilingual Virtual Bee Program

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

On February 19, LINC facilitated the fourth session of our bilingual literacy-building Virtual Bee program. This program is designed to support caregivers with babies and toddlers (under five) and help them develop close bonds with their little bees as they enhance their early learning skills. Throughout this six-part series, five of the sessions focus exclusively on the foundations of early literacy: Sing, Play, Talk, Draw and Read.

Last Friday, our team had the pleasure of focusing on Play and discussed ways to build a child's confidence and resilience through play, which of course includes our favorite pastime, reading! Play helps children develop new competencies, strengthen their abilities to face future challenges, and teach them valuable lessons on how to share, negotiate, resolve conflicts and advocate for themselves. We do this by leading families in movement games, songs, and stories like the popular "Little Engine That Could" that provide simple and memorable strategies to build literacy skills regardless of their own ability to read or speak English.

Welcoming many new families to LINC's Virtual Bee program has been a wonderful way to ring in the new year, paving the way for our next reading adventure.

To learn more about LINC's virtual programs or register for an upcoming literacy event, visit us at


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