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Dreaming Big and Breaking Another Reading Record in 2022

Attention all readers! As we bid goodbye to the long days of summer and say hello to autumn’s falling leaves, LINC is partnering with Jumpstart to present the seventeenth annual Read for the Record campaign on Saturday, October 29th. This year, we plan to break our own record with the largest number of participants ever, gathering families from every LINC community within the five boroughs of New York City!

Read for the Record annually unites millions of adults and children all over the world in reading the same book on the same day. Talk about dreaming big, the book chosen for 2022 is Nigel and the Moon by Antwan Eady. In this charming story, Nigel sees a bright future when he looks up at the moon and imagines himself with confidence as an astronaut, a dancer, and a superhero. Dreaming big gives him pride in his heritage and excitement for what is to come.

What better story to attract a larger audience and keep the momentum going. Pretty soon, the whole world will be reading together!

LINC will distribute copies of Nigel and the Moon throughout all of our communities so that we can come together virtually to sing songs, create artwork and read aloud this year’s special book. To learn more about the origins of this story and meet the author, check out Jumpstart’s video.

To date, over 24 million people have participated in Read for the Record, and hundreds of thousands of high-quality books have been provided to children in underserved communities across the country. LINC is proud to host a virtual program at the forefront of this historical event, to spread the joy of literacy and bring together readers around the globe on this special day. You won’t want to miss it.

Register now and help LINC break our record for the most readers in a virtual literacy program.


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