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Read the City: Raising a New Generation of Readers

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Five years ago, the NYC City Council took an important first step towards preparing children to start school ready to learn by creating an early childhood literacy initiative: City’s First Readers. City’s First Readers is a coalition of eleven NYC organizations working across all five boroughs to provide fun and informative programs for families with children from birth to age 5and LINC is the lead partner, coordinating this citywide effort. City’s First Readers wants every NYC family to understand the importance of building strong literacy foundations before children start school. The family is a child’s first teacher; all the things parents do with their children today help prepare them for tomorrow. Playtime, singing, talking, and naming the things you see while at home, waiting for a bus or shopping at a grocery store in the neighborhood are important activities that stimulate a child’s curiosity. City’s First Readers programs help parents to seize everyday experiences and make them teachable moments. And, just in time for summer, New York City families now have a great new resource to find these fun and FREE programs close to home:  Please visit to find schedules and locations for City’s First Readers programs in every borough. 


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