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Fire Up a Love of Reading

FIRE UP a love of READING and  PUT BOOKS in the hands of children

We’ve partnered again with Adam Rubin, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Dragons Love Tacos, for a special campaign that will have you #TacoBoutBooks just like dragons talk about tacos.

Children’s futures are shaped by very early experiences. Little brains grow by as much as 90% during the first five years. But children affected by systemic inequity lack the resources and early learning opportunities to give them a healthy and fair start. COVID-19 is only increasing disparities. 

Today’s opportunity gap is tomorrow’s achievement gap. 

At LINC, we know it is not only possible but realistic for children to reach their highest aspirations through literacy: a home filled with books, a daily reading routine, and bonding with a loving parent who knows how to engage and support their children by reading together. We witness the growth of children’s imaginations and parents’ confidence with every book and every program you help LINC to FIRE UP. 


This Halloween make books a treat for NYC kids.


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