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For Our Littlest NYers, With Love: ViacomCBS partners with LINC on Virtual Read Aloud Project

To celebrate their Season of Giving, ViacomCBS employees were invited to record virtual read alouds for LINC families to enjoy over their holiday break.

As the pandemic continues to shine a light on the need for increased social-emotional support for children, LINC created "For our littlest NYers with love" to demonstrate to all children that they are loved, that they belong, and that someone cares. We asked ViacomCBS participants to support this theme by selecting books that highlight values such as: belonging, resilience, empathy, love, community, family, comfort, sharing.

Using books to reinforce these messages is a powerful way to provide additional emotional support and encourage healthy reading habits. We're grateful to ViacomCBS for their help as we continue to develop content that our families can access wherever and whenever they need it.

We even received a submission from the son of a ViacomCBS employee! An 8th grader named Aiden who shared an engaging rendition of Corduroy, a classic tale about a stuffed bear and finding the people and places that make you feel at home. A wonderful choice and especially powerful coming from a younger voice. We believe that literacy is culture, and the power of reading is most impactful when shared through generations. You can view this read-aloud here!

LINC provided ViacomCBS with a comprehensive toolkit that included guidance on book selection, tips to make the read aloud fun and engaging, and instructions on how to easily upload their finished product. Volunteers then read aloud in the comfort of their own home and record videos to be shared on LINC's YouTube channel and website.

Thank you to ViacomCBS and their Corporate Social Responsibility team for making this opportunity possible - your dedication and enthusiasm are helping us create a world where all children know the power and joy of reading.

To learn more about LINC’s corporate partnerships, contact Nanci Pavlisko at, or by phone at 212-620-5462, ext. 150.


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