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Growing Little Readers in the Garden: LINC Partners with Wave Hill

Reading Everywhere includes many special places, both inside and outside the home, and what better environment to grow little readers than a garden!

LINC has partnered with a number of green spaces in the five boroughs throughout the years and is thrilled to present a series of programs this summer with our partners at Wave Hill.

On June 15, LINC VIPs and families welcomed new families at the Wave Hill public garden and cultural center with interactive readings of The Hungry Caterpillar and How Things Grow by Eric Carle. It’s not surprising that the stories came to life magically as they were shared in an urban oasis of rolling hills. Families created their own butterflies and connected to nature in a spectacular setting, right here in New York City.

Wave Hill’s greenhouses and gardens celebrate a global diversity of plant life and the multicultural nature of the Bronx, and is a short bus ride for LINC’s Kingsbridge families and others.

"It is beautiful to see how the LINC team with great enthusiasm is taking reading to all possible corners to help children and parents by promoting reading. Thanks to the entire LINC team parents and caregivers for making that organization bigger every day." VIP Carlos Sabino

Rain or shine, you won’t want to miss it! Register now for LINC upcoming Reading Everywhere programs at Wave Hill on July 20 and August 17 at 10:15am and join us virtually at


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