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Illiteracy is a Pressing Social Justice Issue that Demands an Urgent Response

As New York City communities emerge from the pandemic, early childhood learning loss is an ever-increasing threat, and LINC’s literacy work is needed now more than ever before. What consequences are on the horizon if this need is not met?

Illiteracy helps to sustain a cycle of systemic poverty that plagues communities across the city and disproportionately affects children of color. It is a pressing social justice issue that demands an urgent response.

Children everywhere must have access to experiences that will help them develop their early literacy skills, as this is not only the path towards academic success but towards a more equitable society. The future depends on our children’s ability to solve tomorrow’s most pressing challenges, and literacy is a key pillar to unlocking children’s ultimate potential. Equity begins with literacy.

Please give as generously as you can for children’s literacy today.

“Universal literacy is a moral imperative.” – Mimi Levin Lieber

As a lifelong education justice and children’s advocate, our beloved founder Mimi knew that the literacy crisis is an issue that is both crucial and solvable. The answer lies within the community itself. LINC trains parents to become advocates, leveraging their collective agency to help their children and communities succeed. Harnessing the ability of families to drive change and create lasting impact is LINC’s distinct and proven approach.

Please donate to LINC now. Literacy is as vital to a child’s well-being now, as it is to their future success.

Make your meaningful gift today via If you prefer to mail your gift, send a check made to: Literacy Inc. at PO Box 822, Katonah, NY, 10536.


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