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Introducing a New Facilitating Partner for NYC Reads

Updated: Mar 8

Literacy in Community (LINC) has proudly served as the facilitating partner of the NYC Reads Initiative since its inception in 2014. With the inspired support of the Pinkerton Foundation and the additional contributions of The Carmel Hill Fund, NYC Reads has successfully built a continuum of literacy programming, from infancy through 5th grade. Each of the ten partner organizations contributes its expertise and implements its own program model. Together, we are more effective, expanding from South Jamaica to include East New York and most recently East Harlem as the newest NYC Reads neighborhood. NYC Reads is stronger than ever and we are thrilled to announce that ExpandED Schools will be NYC Reads new facilitating agency. After more than 10 years of leading this work, it is with great pleasure that we pass the baton to ExpandED Schools, an institution that will take NYC Reads to new heights.

LINC is grateful to the Pinkerton Foundation for helping to conceive and continuously support NYC Reads since its inception and The Carmel Hill Fund for supporting its expansion in reach and impact. We are proud of the breadth and reach of our work and that this has grown to be a public-private initiative. LINC will continue to support our collective efforts for years to come. The NYC Reads partner organizations remain the dynamic energy that ensures the Reads vision is a reality, day in and day out. We thank them individually and collectively for their unwavering support in implementing the programming that drives NYC Reads’ success.

Literacy is key to all future learning. With our new facilitator agency, ExpandED Schools, NYC Reads partners will continue to work together to improve literacy rates and provide a continuum of literacy support to families at the community level. We are excited to continue this valuable work and remain dedicated to the power of collaborative impact.

ExpandED Schools was founded as The After-School Corporation (TASC) in 1998 and is dedicated to ensuring that all young people in New York City have access to enriching programs that affirm their identities, teach them valuable skills, and spark new possibilities in and out of the school day. In order to achieve their mission, ExpandED provides K–12 programs with curricula and support; trains educators; and advances the sector through policy and research. 

To learn more about ExpandED, visit: and join the Reads partners in our shared promise to our families and communities at

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