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LINC Celebrates the Creation of The Mayor’s Office of Child Care and Early Childhood Education

New York, NY 2/10/2023

Literacy Inc. (LINC) is filled with hope for our children and our city today with Mayor Adams’ announcement of the creation of the first-ever Mayor’s Office of Child Care and Early Childhood Education, under Dr. Michelle Paige. This is an agency that many of us in the fight for education justice have long sought and one that Mayor Adams has historically made possible. Access to quality early childhood education and care is often determined by demographics even though we know these programs are effective preventive measures that mitigate the impacts of structural inequities. Such services prepare children to have a healthy start, entering school ready and eager to learn. “With the residual impact of the pandemic very much present, the need for a coordinated strategy, long-term planning, and efficient collaboration between government and community service providers has never been greater. By creating an agency solely focused on early childhood and appointing a director, Dr. Michelle Paige, with notable expertise in the field, Mayor Adams has taken a significant step toward improving outcomes for some of the city’s most vulnerable children.” said Shari Levine, Executive Director of LINC.

Quality early childhood programs increase children’s chances for academic success while also providing a lifetime of social benefits. Simply put, the impact of early education has a multiplier effect, extending beyond children served to benefit siblings and other family members as well as the public in general. With the creation of the Mayor’s Office of Child Care and Early Childhood Education, our entire city will benefit.

“Early literacy is the most effective tool we have to rebuild equitably and improve overall outcomes for children. A child who reads is a child who leads. We look forward to supporting and working with this new city agency to ensure families and communities are engaged as we solve the literacy crisis which begins with access to early learning and childcare efforts.” – said Eliana Godoy, LINC’s Deputy Director.

About Literacy Inc.: Literacy Inc. equips children with foundational literacy skills essential for academic achievement by empowering families and mobilizing the community. Our two-generational Community Literacy Model connects families with each other and with resources that already exist in the community to surround children with literacy-rich environments inside and outside of home. We engage and train parents, caregivers, and community members in early literacy, and foster a mutually-reinforcing system that reaches the same child multiple times with effective literacy support during the first five years of life. For more information on LINC and their education equity work, visit


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