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LINC Families Read at Home

This is a critical moment to ensure that the education of our children continues unimpeded by current events. While we are suspending on-site programs to limit the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, we are rolling out a calendar of digital programming and resource guides designed to keep children actively learning.

We hold the keys to continuing education for our children, and because we have invested in empowering our parents and fostering an atmosphere of literacy at home, we are uniquely positioned to support children’s reading, and to bridge the gap school closures may cause.

These last days have reminded us that sudden crises require preparation, and that quality education is at the very core of our preparation. We cannot allow today’s educational disruptions to affect tomorrow’s need for solutions. Children who read become scientists and doctors who cure tomorrow’s virus, who solve the environmental challenges facing our world, become engineers who address infrastructure shortfalls and design more efficient buildings, become leaders addressing novel challenges we have not yet foreseen.

At LINC, our parents lead the change by working at home and in their communities to grow tomorrow’s readers and leaders. Our 2-Gen approach to early literacy creates a literacy-rich environment in the home, with active engagement from our community staff.  With a few minor changes, and with you by our side, these programs will continue without interruption.

We are strongest when we stand united to solve today’s crisis, and this pandemic cannot be allowed to halt the growth of our future leaders when your generosity can make it possible for them to build a strong foundation for literacy while they are at home.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our mission.


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