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LINC Readers Expand Virtually and Under the Sea

Updated: Feb 1

Thanks to the generous author and long-time literacy advocate, Brooks Olbrys, LINC’s virtual reading adventures expanded under the sea and into new neighborhoods earlier this month. 

With the help of several partner organizations in Long Island as well as New York City, Brooks shared over 450 copies of his award-winning early chapter book, Blue Ocean Bob Discovers His Purpose with families outside of LINC’s eight target communities. 

Families from Far Rockaway and Long Island’s East End logged in for their first high-seas reading adventure and explored tips for reading every day, discovering their passions, and taking care of our natural world. 

Blue Ocean Bob Discovers His Purpose contains captivating rhymes and colorful illustrations, and teaches children important lessons about purpose, vision, goals, persistence, gratitude, and creativity. It encourages them to think about the values they want to develop as they set goals for themselves in life and how they can help each other. Blue Ocean Bob’s story revolves around the discovery that just one person can make a tremendous difference by choosing to act with care. 

Pursuing one’s passions begins with learning foundational reading and writing skills like those developed in LINC’s programming and refined each day at home. Whether a child wants to become an author or a superstar athlete, the first steps of their education can set them up for lifelong success. 

We are so grateful to our new partners who collaborated to make this program a splash and look forward to many more collaborations with you in the future. Thank you to Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center (East Hampton), Centro Corazon de Maria (Hampton Bays), Nuestros Niños (Brooklyn), RHS 253Q (Far Rockaway), Committee for Hispanic Children & Families (The Bronx), and thank you to our guest author Brooks Olbrys for inspiring and entertaining us with his timeless story.

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