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Zoom Zoom and Back to School!

Whether it’s daycare or kindergarten, that time of year has arrived. It’s the start of a new season, first days, and other beginnings, and we want our families to know that Literacy Inc. (LINC) is here for them.

LINC’s staff and Very Involved Parents (VIPs) in all of our communities have been hard at work preparing for back to school programs in early August, which culminated with a delightful virtual reading celebration over Zoom on Thursday, September 1st. Families from all across the city joined us as LINC’s Very Involved Parent Manager, Wilkarlys Zaman, read Bear’s School Day by Stella Blackstone in Spanish and English. After the read-aloud, the children were tasked with a special craft. Using construction paper and pencils, crayons, or markers, they each drew their school both from the outside and inside their classroom. Those who haven’t gone to school yet were encouraged to imagine what their classes will be like.

As the children worked, their parents spoke with LINC’s Workshop Implementation Specialist, Carmen Correa, about how to help their children get ready for classes. Sharing critical tips, Carmen emphasized the importance of preparing in advance, developing a morning routine, and proudly celebrating classroom accomplishments to boost their child’s confidence.

When the children shared their art with one another, they also were asked how they feel about starting school. "I feel excited to go back to school and to meet new friends and my new teacher!" said Sadie. Dhavni chimed in, “I'm excited. Really excited!” “I can’t wait to start first grade and meet my teacher and friends,” said Saidatu. Our virtual room was brimming with enthusiasm and gratitude as families connected with each other and learned about the next big reading celebration we have in store for them.

Mark your calendars! On Saturday, October 29, we invite you to dream big as LINC participates in Read for the Record, the largest reading event in the world, featuring Antwan Eady’s story, Nigel and the Moon.

Register now to be part of this historical event and a whole host of upcoming LINC literacy programs at


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