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Our Children Deserve Excellence

LINC empowers parents to lead change in their communities so that all children can grow up reading. Read about Silvia’s leadership in action.

Last year, Silvia Sousa came to LINC’s early childhood program, “Read to Me Little Bee” to learn how to engage her daughter, Olivia, with reading. Silvia’s experience with LINC ignited a passion in her to do more. She graduated from LINC’s volunteer training – and started co-leading a weekly storytime at her local bookstore. Now she reaches not just her daughter, but over 70 children and parents in Washington Heights.

Donations to LINC helps parents like Silvia to become a multiplier effect in our communities, creating strong local connections and building sustainable change. All children deserve excellence; together we can expand our parent workshops, community events, and school programs to reach them.

This holiday season, won’t you join LINC in building a better version of New York City? Your support will empower parents and communities to create literacy-rich environments throughout all five boroughs - so that every child can embrace the joy of reading.

Donate today and double your impact. Donations received by December 31st will be matched thanks to an anonymous donor:


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