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Our Programs Build Confidence

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Working with Literacy Inc.’s Very Involved Parents (VIPs) comes with lots of rewards. One that always stands out is the tremendous growth of confidence we see in our community members.

Even though her 7 year old daughter has aged out of LINC programs, LINC VIP Alexa Salvatierra made sure to attend the NYC Reads Initiative Back to School Storywalk on August 24. She brought her daughter Eliana and a friend to join the festivities at the Lower Highland Playground and continues to spread the word about LINC programs.

Alexa was introduced to LINC during a Mommy and Me program at the Arlington Library in East New York 5 years ago. Alexa no longer lives in that neighborhood, but she fondly recalls the day when she first learned about LINC. Family Engagement Specialist Christie Rosario had an enormous impact on her daughter. That was the day her daughter started to come out of her shell. Reading became fun and Eliana continued to participate in LINC programs on a regular basis. She developed a passion for reading and is now a confident speaker among her peers. Alexa, like many other LINC VIPs is now a proud literacy advocate for new families and you can see why.

Christie! She’s the best. And I mean, my daughter loves to read. She loves the arts and crafts they used to do. So she was always interested in the program. And she has a very nice connection and relationship with Christie. We keep in touch with Christie through LINC and out of LINC. I think LINC is a great organization. I try to support and get the word out as much as I can. And I was able to bring a friend today!

Alexa’s enthusiasm for LINC is contagious among her community and rewarding for us who work at LINC. Thank you Alexa for raising a confident reader and inspiring more families to read together. Parents like Alexa shape and influence their children's future and the future of their communities.

To learn more about our Very Involved Parent Program or to become a VIP, please contact Wilkarlys Zaman at 212-620-5462, ext. 121 or email


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