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Read for the Record: Read With Lots of Love

On Saturday, October 28, LINC families gathered virtually to celebrate one of our favorite reading holidays, Jumpstart’s Read for the Record. Now in its 18th year, this global reading experience keeps expanding with over 26 million participants around the world.

The chosen book for 2023, With Lots of Love written by Jenny Torres Sanchez and illustrated by Andre Ceolin, is a beautiful story about family, finding ways to stay connected, and spreading love across distances. LINC’s Family Engagement Specialist, Rocio Apolonio, who shares her name with the protagonist of With Lots of Love, led the read-aloud and included a discussion on the history of names. She explained that the name “Rocio” is Spanish in origin and its meaning is “dew.” Taken from the Spanish term for the Virgin Mary, María de la Rocío means "Mary of the Dew."

Although LINC’s Rocio did not like her name at first, she loved it once she learned its meaning and the memories that come with it, and so she sang a beautiful lullaby that her grandparents used to sing to her, in three languages: Nahuatl, English, and Spanish. Nahuatl is historically spoken by the indigenous Nahua peoples of Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, and was the primary language of the Aztec people. Today, Nahuatl is spoken by over 1.7 million people in Mexico alone.

LINC is proud to be part of a global reading community that builds awareness of the critical importance of early literacy through diverse literature. Read for the Record connects more children and adults in shared reading experiences worldwide year after year, building early language skills and social-emotional development through generations of readers.

Thank you to everyone who read With Lots of Love with LINC! We salute all of the Read for the Record participants around the world. You are making history.

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