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Reading and Running to Change Lives in NYC

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Literacy Inc. (LINC) is proud to be an official charity partner for the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon!

Our team will join runners from around the globe on Sunday November 5th to experience a thrilling 26.2 mile journey through the five boroughs of New York City. Please join us in supporting them as they push their limits, test their courage, and cross the finish line - all while raising essential funds for early literacy.

Meet our runners and discover what prompted them to read and run to change lives in NYC this fall.

Noa Matson

Noa Matson moved to New York City in 2014 and served on LINC’s Professional Advisory Council (PAC) for 5 years. She believes that LINC is an important organization for two reasons: the first is that she has always loved to read, the second, and most important, is that LINC does extremely impactful work. Early childhood literacy is foundational to learning and illiteracy leads to lifelong impacts. LINC's programming makes literacy a right and value for all children. Running the New York City Marathon has been a huge goal for Noa and she is excited to run it to raise money for a non-profit that she is passionate about. Donate to support Noa Matson here.

Chris Paulk

Chris Paulk is a proud New Yorker who believes that LITERACY IS ESSENTIAL! This year is his 20th anniversary living in New York City, and his first time running the New York City Marathon. Chris has two young girls, who were born in New York, and watching their worlds expand through reading and writing has been a daily joy for him. His wish is that all children experience the joy of reading, and benefit from the chance to escape, to dream, and to form new ways to understand and respond to the world. Donate to support Chris Paulk here.

Lucy Phillips

Lucy Phillips grew up in a household of books, and for her, reading was a window into other worlds, an escape, an adventure, and a path to alternate lives. Similar to reading, she started running to clear her head and to get in touch with her senses–as reading took her mind to faraway places, running brought her body to unexplored paths. She is thrilled to merge her love of reading and running to raise funds for LINC by participating in the New York City Marathon this year. She shares great appreciation for the camaraderie and support involved in the run, and the “community powered literacy" that fuels LINC, and is excited to make a difference in the lives of young New Yorkers this November. Donate to support Lucy Phillips here.

Jessica Rogel-Pohl

Jessica Rogel-Pohl is a Content and Delivery Specialist for LINC who believes that reading is a human right and recognizes that not all families have the access they need. Her deep passion to help families attain the right to read motivates her to work day in and out to achieve this goal. Jessica’s father read to her as a child, and these special moments instilled the importance, the joy, and a life-long love of reading in her. Her heart swells with love when she recalls these moments and she wants more families to experience this joy. Donate to support Jessica Rogel-Pohl here.

Lily Rosenthal

Lily Rosenthal is an educator, runner, avid reader, and a New Yorker, who is thrilled to use the New York City Marathon as a platform to raise awareness and funds to combat the literacy crisis in NYC! Through her engagement with LINC over the last 15 years, Lily has met LINC families and experienced firsthand the impact of LINC programs on both parents and children. She has witnessed the transformative power of literacy-rich environments and admires LINC’s unique ability to leverage the talent and resources that exist within each community to create sustainable systemic change. Lily believes deeply in LINC's mission to equip communities with the skills they need to create a culture of literacy and is proud to be part of Team LINC. Donate to support Lily Rosenthal here.

Laura Walsh

Laura Walsh could not be more passionate about early literacy and long distance running and is ecstatic for the opportunity to bridge her two loves into one! Laura is LINC's Chief Program Officer, who found her home at LINC. A fearless leader, Laura works tirelessly every day to bring the joy of early literacy success to countless LINC families. She is excited to pound the pavement, both training for the NYC marathon and fundraising for LINC, so that more families will benefit from LINC’s early childhood programs. Laura reads and runs daily to change lives and is proud to be part of LINC and NYC. Donate to support Laura Walsh here.

Thank you Noa, Chris, Lucy, Jessica, Lily, and Laura! We can’t wait to cheer you on in November!

Like the TCS NYC Marathon, LINC spans all five boroughs in our work to bring the joy and power of reading to New York City’s most vulnerable children. Please join us in supporting Team LINC as they run for little readers.


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