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Reading Takes Us to the Moon and Back

On Friday morning, February 16, LINC families gathered at P.S.85 Great Expectations School in the Fordham section of The Bronx to be part of an explosive reading experience! P.S. 85 had just completed a monumental book challenge with their pre-K through second-grade students - reading one book per day for a total of 85 days. To honor all of the readers who met the challenge, they invited author Emeline Lee to launch an award ceremony and give out 320 copies of her book, Bonnie’s Rocket.

Bonnie’s Rocket is a heartwarming father-daughter tale inspired by Emeline Lee’s grandfather, who worked on the design of life-support systems and space suits for the Apollo 11 lunar module - unique a story that takes space fans to the moon and back! 

Bonnie's Rocket uplifts a diverse group of people who collaborated on one of the United States' greatest achievements. Creatively crafted with vibrant illustrations of Alina Chau, the team of engineers comes to life, grabbing the attention of young readers. Programs like this one get little ones energized about reading and learning and open up a new world of opportunities for families. In this case, they were exploding with new enthusiasm for books and the inspiration to pursue their dreams.

The program would not have been complete without a rocket of its own and Author Emeline Lee made sure of it. Following the read-aloud, she built a mini rocket and set it off with the help of one of the P.S. 85 book challenge awardees right there in the auditorium, demonstrating the process that she outlines for caregivers and little engineers in her book.  

LINC would like to thank P.S. 85, Lee & Low Books, and Emeline Lee for making the importance of literacy part of their mission and bringing a whole lot of excitement to one frigid February winter morning. 

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