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Springboard Collaborative: A NYC Reads Partner Closing the Literacy Gap Between Home and School

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Springboard Collaborative closes the literacy gap by closing the gap between home and school. They coach educators and family members to help students learn to read by 4th grade. Springboard envisions a world in which all children have the requisite literacy skills to access life opportunities.

As proud NYC Reads partners, they have been privileged and proud to serve four Reads schools, including 227 K-4 students and families this past summer. Springboard’s half day literacy program supercharged existing Summer Rising programs in NYC public schools with its dynamic teacher professional development and joyful family workshops. An impressive 90% of participating students met their ambitious reading growth goals!

A kindergartener at PS48 in South Jamaica who had just recently arrived in New York City from Venezuela and didn't know any letter sounds at the start of the program was overjoyed to identify certain letters and their corresponding sounds by Springboard’s “Halfway Day” celebration.

At PS7 in Cypress Hills, a 2nd-grade student joined the summer program feeling demoralized that he couldn’t yet write his name. His concerned teacher provided him breaktime between instructional blocks that energized and motivated the young student, helping him to refocus during instructional time. Soon enough, this star student learned to write each letter in his name, and was celebrated by the school staff.

Success stories like these two delight teachers and family members, and are a testament to Springboard Collaborative’s daily effective work.

It's no surprise that when District 19 Superintendent Dr. Collins and her team visited a Springboard family workshop at PS 7K this summer; they promptly invited NYC Reads partners to participate in the District 19 back-to-school fair!

NYC Reads is proud and grateful to have Springboard Collaborative as an active partner in their efforts to strengthen academic achievement in East New York, East Harlem, and South Jamaica.

For more information about Springboard Collaborative’s exciting work, visit their website at


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