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Thank you for being a part of the LINC Community

With your passion, dedication, and support, Literacy in Community surrounds families with the love and joy of reading. Day by day, week by week, year over year, with LINC, our families are empowered to make a difference in their child’s life by instilling a strong literacy foundation. We play. We sing. We talk. We read. We build together.

Each year our community grows. We seek knowledge. We envision change. We nurture relationships. We cultivate joy through the books we read. Together, we are raising generations of readers who become leaders.

Thank you for being a part of this beautiful extended community. Thank you for recognizing the importance and urgency of our work.

May you be surrounded by kindness and community in this season of gratitude. May the joy of reading bring comfort and wisdom to you and your loved ones.

With gratitude,


“It’s critical to include as many different members of the community as possible in this effort to ensure every kid is a good reader because it’s important for children to feel that lots of people care deeply about how they turn out, who wish them well and want the best for them and are willing to make every effort to make it happen for them.”

— Mimi Levin Lieber


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