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VIP Voices: Stay Tuned for a Inspirational Eight Part Series

LINC’s mission is made possible in large part by literacy advocates we call VIPs. These very important people are LINC’s Very Involved Parents (VIPs).* They are volunteers and actively engaged leaders in their communities and we could not do our work without them! VIPs seek out new opportunities to inspire their own children and the children of others. They promote the joy of reading and local literacy events to their neighbors, and together they form a larger network of support for each other.

With every graduating class (new group of VIPs), LINC looks for new ways to honor our VIPs for their dedication and commitment to our mission, and in 2022, we will launch a new eight part video interview series, VIP Voices, in which we highlight the experiences of eight influential literacy advocates.

Follow Reishmi Brijmohan, as she recalls building connections with the parents of her community before becoming LINC’s Parent Engagement Coordinator in South Jamaica, Queens, "My favorite part of being a VIP with LINC has been… showing [parents] that they can do it by themselves with the tools they have at home."

Listen to Deon Daniels describe how LINC’s virtual workshops helped her family during the COVID-19 shutdowns, “Overall, it was a great way to check in with my children emotionally and physically, as well as motivate them when we are reopening.”

Each VIP testimonial will dive deeper into the life of a LINC family, detailing their stories. VIPs who started reading in the lobby of their building and before long created a culture of literacy in their neighborhood, where books can be found in their local laundromats and bodegas.

For 25 years, we’ve invested in the leadership of parents to grow and sustain our literacy programs. Hear their stories and honor them with us. Stay tuned for VIP Voices on our website and YouTube channel.

If you are inspired to shape the future of your community and create a culture of literacy in your area, please contact Wilkarlys Zaman, LINC’s VIP Program Manager at 212-620-5462, ext.121 or


* You don’t have to be a parent to be a VIP at LINC. Many people can become VIPs, including a spouse of an active VIP, an adult child (18+) of a past or present VIP, or a caregiver (grandparent, babysitter, etc.) in the community.


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