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Young Readers Start a Chinese New Year Tradition

Updated: Feb 13

The year of the dragon is here and what better way to celebrate the Chinese New Year, than a good book and a whole lot of cheer! 

On Friday, February 9, LINC families gathered to sing, dance, and read My First Chinese New Year by Karen Katz together at New York Tae Kwon Do Park on the north shore of Staten Island. It was a lively program with over 30 children in attendance, many wearing traditional garments, including our wonderful partner, Ms. Asmaa, the director of Most Terrific Center Day Care.

The story My First Chinese New Year provided a warm and easy-to-follow introduction to the holiday for little readers, some of whom had not celebrated before but were happy to share in the festivities. 

Following storytime faces lit up as each family was given the materials and guidance to create their own red lanterns. They also received goodie bags with oranges and fortune cookies and copies of the book Amy Wu and the Patchwork Dragon by Kat Zhang to take home.

LINC would like to thank Mr. Park (parent and owner of New York Tae Kwon Do Park) for sharing his space with us and Ms. Asmaa of Most Terrific Center Day Care for bringing new families to LINC on this special occasion. We value your partnership and your commitment to advancing literacy in your community.  

Happy New Year to all! Spread the word and check out LINC’s latest programs at


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