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Summer Author Series Stars Share Some Wisdom

This summer eight wonderful children's book authors from around the world transported LINC families through our Summer Author Adventures series! Each author inspired us with their unique words of wisdom and reminded us why we read and they write. Join us as we revel in their most meaningful messages as we prepare to go back to school.

On why they write

“The goal of Canticos is to bring families together through a shared love of languages, music and culture. I wanted to create something beautiful and fun to celebrate nursery rhymes with kids of all backgrounds.”

Susie Jaramillo, Little Sunny Sunshine

“Books are a beautiful way for us to travel and meet new people and places. That’s one of my favorite things to do with my children - show them the world through books!”

Patty Rodriguez, Vámonos a Bogotá and Vámonos a Antigua

“One of the reasons writing this book was a dream of mine is so that children today grow up more able to talk about race and skin color than I was.”

Jessica Ralli, Our Skin

“I wrote this book for young people to look at themselves in the mirror and speak power to themselves. It’s really important that we constantly remind ourselves how amazing we are. Sometimes we don’t remember that because we don’t hear it too often. But you don’t have to wait for someone else to tell you - YOU can tell yourselves these things every single day!”

Fabian Ferguson, In the Mirror

On parenting and writing

“Blue Ocean Bob is a little bit based on my son, Nicholas, who was five years old when I started writing them. Nicholas was my first editor for the content and the illustrations. I give him a lot of credit for being my inspiration and helping me make the best books possible.”

Brooks Olbrys, Blue Ocean Bob Discovers His Purpose

“If I could choose one book that has special meaning - it would have to be our first book, the Loteria Book. When it was first published, seeing my son who was three holding it in his hands was a special moment for me. To me to see that the little person who gave me the courage to follow my dreams and create Lil Libros was holding that dream in his hands really allowed me to see the power that we have as individuals and the power we have to create. It gives me the courage to inspire our children to follow their dreams.”

Patty Rodriguez, Vámonos a Bogotá and Vámonos a Antigua

On cultural and racial identity

“If you speak two languages you have a super power! Because then your brain is prepped to learn even more new languages and you can make people feel at home wherever you are for the rest of your life.”

Mitali Perkins, Home is in Between

“Although we Latinos share so much in common, like love for family, there is also much that makes us different. We come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and that is what makes us so beautiful. We wanted to celebrate that with these books [the Vámonos series].”

Patty Rodriguez, Vámonos a Bogotá and Vámonos a Antigua

“Children know a lot about fairness and I believe we need childrens’ great ideas about how to combat injustice and change the world.”

Megan Madison, Our Skin

On working with LINC

“I’ve been working with LINC now for many years and it’s always been a pleasure! I love the work that LINC does and thank you for helping me get my books into the hands of children who could benefit.”

Brooks Olbrys, Blue Ocean Bob Discovers His Purpose

“Thank you LINC, you all are honestly true heroes! The resources that Literacy Inc. and the New York Public Library provide are vital to our childrens’ wellbeing. And parents, to see you prioritizing your children and their learning by taking the time out to sit and read with them is really special. YOU ALL are your children's heroes - no one else!”

Patty Rodriguez, Vámonos a Bogotá and Vámonos a Antigua

Thank you to our guest authors (Susie Jaramillo, Mitali Perkins, Patty Rodriguez, Megan Madison, Jessica Ralli, Brooks Olbrys, Fabian Ferguson, and Shaniqua Lewis) for building up our little readers and helping LINC achieve the promise of literacy.

“Repeat after me [kids]: I can do this! Nothing is going to stop me! I am greatness! It is in me!”

Shaniqua Lewis, Summer Housing Boy

If you liked our Summer Author Adventures, you’ll love LINC’s virtual Back to School program on September 2 at 1pm. All are welcome: register today!

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